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At Winter's End, 12x30"
The Admission, 30x40"
"The Admission" is a 30x40" abstract expressionism painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

This painting coincided with my coming clean about how I felt for someone - it was terrifying but brilliant and perfect.
Lifted, 12x30"
White Flag, 24x36"
The Will Behind The Wall, 24x24"
"The Will Behind the Wall" is a colorful 24x24" abstract expressionism painting and represents the strength, resilience and courage that lie beyond the walls we've built inside ourselves.
First Light, 36x48"
"First Light" is the still-available sibling of my painting "Echo", which sold at Home Front's 'Art Jam', an annual pop-up art gallery in Princeton, NJ. Home Front is a life-changing organization that benefits the homeless and those struggling with poverty and helps them get back on their feet.
As Above So Below, 18x18"
What's in our inner world is reflected in our outer world.
What You Resist Persists, 24x30"
"What You Resist Persists" is a 24x30" abstract expressionism painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

This one was almost a "burner" - a term I lovingly gave to paintings I either hated or gave me a major challenge to figure out. I actually love this painting and it's one of my favorites that I've done. Glad I didn't abandon it ;)
I Had Something Important to Say to You16x20
I started this painting during a hurricane. True story.
Don't Follow the Lights, 12x30"
"Don't Follow the Lights" is a 12x30" abstract expressionism painting on museum wrapped canvas.

This is one of my Lord of the Rings inspired paintings! Tolkien's work has influenced me a great deal. The hero's journey is something we can all identify with.
Galaxy, 24x24"
Created during a phase where I was particularly enamored with outer space and stars.
Sea In My Soul, 16x20"
"Sea In My Soul" is a 16x20" abstract expressionism painting on canvas.

It was done during a turbulent period of my life and is a testament to our capability of weathering the storms of life. One of my favorite pieces.
Stars, 32x32"
"Stars" is a 32x32" abstract expressionism painting on canvas.
Through Shadows, 30x40"
Inspired by Tolkien's "The Two Towers".
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White Flag, 24x36"

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